Heavy Duty Desk Chairs For Overweight Or Large People

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The Best Heavy Duty Desk Chairs For Overweight Large People 2014

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Starting the work day off with the correct office chair is just as important as getting the day started with a healthy nutritious feed if you ask me. If you are a little on the overweight side or simply larger then the standard person, I find its important that your office is fitted with Heavy Duty Desk Chairs that can actually support the body without potentially causing serious harm to it.

Unfortunately too many people overlook the serious affects of an ill suited working area until it’s too late. Especially when it comes to desk chairs. One size does not fit all. Most standard office chairs are built to withstand a maximum of only 200 Lbs. Now we all know what happens next when a 500 pound office worker ignores the weight limit.. It’s not pretty.

However, the office furniture manufacturers are finally catching onto this demanding niche. More and more desk chairs are now being built for heavy duty usage and very high weight capacities. Even desk chairs up to 1000 Lbs. Which is great news for us larger then ‘normal’ workers. We can now sit back and get to work in an  ergonomic and safe working environment without the fear of causing serious health and back problems. Around our site you can find extensive reviews for heavy load bearing desk chairs to suit certain weight capacities and brands such as:


Our Most Requested Heavy Duty Chairs Reviews

These desk chairs are big sellers and are personal favorites within our office. It’s easy to see why they are a popular chair. But it’s all so important to match the right chair’s weight capacity to suit your body and lifestyle. These are just 3 of our office best rated desk chairs with heavy duty ratings. Many more are available as well.

 400 LB Desk Chair By Flash Furniture

400 LB Flash Furntiture Office Chair
If your looking for an investment that may not fall apart within months and could actually handle up to 400 pounds weight. Then this Flash Furniture chair may just be your next best money well spent venture. Moderately priced yet boasts many features only the rich could normally afford.

A very sturdy and strong design entices lasting performance. This is no light flimsy piece of furniture, its weight alone (66lbs) proves how well this thing is built. Comfort is usually determined by the individual. Which in most cases is fair enough. But with numerous amount of consumers who rave on and on about the comfort level of this Flash Furniture big mans chair. It’s hard to not be tempted into this bad boy.

Would I recommend this chair? In a second!. It’s the perfect large person’s desk chair that glides smoothly over surfaces like never before. Plus I simply can’t look past how well the chair is made and it’s desire to comfort the worker.

Hurcules Fabric 400 Lb Capacity

The HON VL705 450 Pound Beast

Hon Vl705 heavy duty desk chair
Firstly, I have to admit that this chair may be slightly to tall for the shorter people. Unless you normally use padding under your feet for height, you might find your head ends up around the shoulder level on the chair.

Other then the Hon’s 450 LB desk chair minimal downside, I find this chair to be one of the best chairs for us bigger folks. I cant get enough of the mesh material the chair is made from. It’s a huge relief after being burnt too many times by bonded leather furniture items. I’m still vacuuming bit’s of the old bonded leather sofa up from the floor weeks after sending it to the tip. Longevity of the material itself compared to my sofa is just one of the benefits. The other is the amount of air that can breathe between the padding and our bodies. It’s very well ventilated and is better for hot sticky work environments.

Again, this is a heavy chair (Over 60lbs) which tells me that this is not some rip off cheap and nasty inferior chair boasting to hold 450lbs. The strength in the structure and support speaks volumes to me. Overall I highly rate the Hon Vl705 office chair as I think it’s a comfortable powerhouse of a desk chair. Highly recommended.

Basyx By Hon 450 Lbs Capacity


Multi Adjustable 500 Lb Task Chair – SAFCO

500 LBs Capacity Office Chair
We think the Safco is one of the better 500 lb office chair on the market for comfort, features and price. Another quality breathable mesh padded chair makes this chair a winner in our eyes by leading manufacturer Safco.

This chair is rated as a 24/7 chair meaning it’s perfect for organizations and businesses which operate around the clock. Being a very heavy duty chair with a huge capacity of 500 pounds, it’s unlikely you won’t please most of the shift workers here. With the exception to extremely tall people as we have noted that it’s not all that well suited for the really tall population.

Although this chair is rated to 24 hour performance, I would still recommend to not overdo the usage to that extent. Considering that it’s not a $1000+ chair like some of the others, it does perform well. I just don’t think for the price it could handle multiple years of extreme heavy duty use. For the average office worker 8-10 hours a day, is who I would recommend this chair too. It rolls really well and provides just the right amount of back support for us which can be manipulated to your individual preference with the muti function levers. We recommend this chair for office workers looking for a sturdy and affordable 500 pound desk chair.

Safco 500 Lbs Mesh Office Chair


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