What’s The Best 8 Hour Office Chair For Comfort & Durability?

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To make the most out of the work day and take care of our bodies, I want to know what are the Best 8 Hour Office Chairs. After much research and digging around we have stumbled across some possible candidates.  So we have provided a  summary from our research to which office chairs may be the best for the posture and comfort for the whole work day.

As you are most likely aware, cheap and nasty office chairs (Thanks Managers) can create such discomfort and unnecessary back, neck, and wrist. pain. While these chairs are cost effective for the Business, in reality they may actually doing more harm then good. The truth is we office workers spend between 60-80% of each day between an office chair and our beds. So much like comfort and support the mattresses for heavy people bring, you SHOULD treat buying an office chair in the same manner. These 2 simple things in life may make a massive amount of difference in the quality of life. So I like to treat them with the importance they deserve.

So naturally when searching for a full working day office chair, I was expecting to find some commercial grade prices, like way to expensive for me type of chairs. Some much more then others, yet some surprisingly affordable. But as said before, the bed and the office chair is what will be supporting the body for the majority of any day. So getting only the best suited is crucial for a ergonomic safe and comfortable working life. However we will try to bring you what chairs we believe are the best for your dollar in multiple price fields. Starting with the more expensive yet famous Aeron by Herman Miller.


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Work 8 Hours Every Day & Want The Best?

Herman Miller’s Aeron

What Is The Best 8 Hour Office Chair
Probably one of the biggest names that I know of in the elegant office chairs department world wide. I know the Herman Miller’s Aeron it’s the chair on the ‘wish list’ in our office. This chair comes in 3 sizes, A,B,C, going from suiting smaller people to the Big & Tall (C Size). This model is the B size as it should cater to many people’s needs.    What Is The Best 8 Hour Office Chair

While this chair is a little pricey in my opinion, what you get from it is simply amazing. Not to mention it can come with a hefty warranty (Worth the investment just there in my opinion). The Aeron is easy to customize and highly attractive (Other chairs will quiver on the spot, if chairs could actually quiver) has adjustable arms, but what I really like about the chair is how sturdy it is and the fact it should be comfortable all day long.

Premium Office Chair: Herman Miller Aeron C Size


High Quality 8 Hour+ Office Chair Budget Model

LexMod / Modway Focus Series

This LexMod (Now  Known As Modway) chair is an affordable alternative and is a common sight around our office. Don’t get hung up on the color and material, because many different styles and colors are available. If you want a chair that’s great for long sessions (We test for 10 Hours) and shouldn’t break the bank, then I highly recommend the Focus series. Other office workers (Sorry James B.) have betrayed their beloved executive leather chairs because they were simply blown away by this chairs comfort and style. It really does look rather stylish I must admit.             Lexmod 350 LB 8 hour Office Chair

Stand out features for this LexMod in my opinion are the lumbar support and flip up arms. While many chairs do put emphasis on seat cushioning and reclining tension, they can often forget about providing sufficient lumbar support. This chair works great in providing sufficient amount of support, for mine and a few others around the office anyways. The flip up arms are one of the most commented on feature of this chair. Especially considering the price (Rare to find flip up arms on a chair this affordable). The arms come in handy for when someone bigger then normal needs to use this chair. I believe this chair to be rated to 350 LB capacity, so it can handle a decent amount of stress.

LexMod 350 Lbs Mesh Backing Office Chair


Executive Office Chair For 8 Hour Days

The Boss Executive Black LeatherPlus 250 LB Office Chair

 Executive 8 Hour Office Chairs
Why would an Executive or Manager need an 8 hour a day capable office chair?. They would have to be at work for a full day to need a full time office chair right?. Just messing with you Boss.

Well, one of my ex Managers use to have this chair and along with it he had some serious back pain issues. I think you already know where this is heading right. Correct!. If a chair of this caliber can pretty much eliminate excruciating back pain within weeks of using it for someone I knew, I think that it qualifies as a chair TO BE messed with. I continually read and hear how much this chair has essentially changed peoples lives. After suffering major back pains to working freely again and so on.

It’s so good to find an affordable executive chair that shouldn’t cause more body pain than it’s worth. I hate the feeling of throwing away a couple hundred bucks on a dud of a chair. Fortunately we won’t be wasting any money here, because I have a feeling you may just fall in love with this chair by Boss.

Boss Black LeatherPlus 250 Lbs Office Chair



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