High Weight Capacity Office Chairs

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High Weight Capacity Office Chairs Up to 1000 lbsHigh Weight Capacity Office Chairs Up To 1000 Lbs

The market for buying heavy weight limit office or desk chairs is on the rise and we bringing you some of what we believe are the best in town with massive weight capacities of up to 1000 pounds. With plenty of big and tall office chair reviews available, chairs sort into specific weight ranges, buying the next high capacity computer chair could be as simple press of the mouse.

The advantages of buying any large weight rated chair easily out-way settling for an inferior under sized chair in our knowledge. The extra strong purpose built frames these tough chairs can boast are out of this world. To be able to handle the heavy weights thrust-ed upon them, I simply cannot settle for anything less then these heavy duty structural frames.

The extra thick padding and stronger materials used make for an extended life of the seats and cushioning. Which may end up saving us bigger guys money in the long run. Many more advantages can be seen in these plus size computer chair reviews. So let’s have a look at them.

What We Think Is The Best 350 LB Office Chair

Boss B991 350 Pound Computer Chair

Large Weight Capacity Office Chairs
In my years of experience dealing with office chairs for big people, the one chair to simply shine above and beyond any other chair is the Boss B991-CP. I’ve noticed it’s the most requested and biggest selling chair for big guys needing a 350 pound office chair.

For the reasons I believe being that the workmanship of this chair are second to none. It just looks like its made from really heavy duty materials, which have to be extra thick for extra strength. The arms to this chair act as even more of a support system that creates even more stability. They are bolted underneath the chair and to the back of the seat. Essentially creating a very very solid office chair. I find it hard to imagine the frame on this chair ever bending or warping out of shape from excess weights. Up to 350 Lbs of course.

What I think is one it’s most appealing features is it’s extra wide seat. It’s huge and can easily fit many big guys or gals wanting that extra backside space. Seat measure 24 inches at it’s biggest point.

Important things you should know: The Boss B991 rolls easily over hard wood floors and carpet compared to other less quality casters. The chair has a tilt locking feature, so if at any stage you don’t want the chair to tilt back you can lock it into position. Double soft padded plush caresoftplus material creates a very comfortable chair, not too soft and not too firm. Just right. Best of all, the Boss B991 is a rather affordable office chair considering the prices some other Big And Tall chairs cost.

Boss B991 350 Lbs Office Chair


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Heavy Weight 400 Pound Office Chair

Space Air Grid By Office Star

400 lbs office star chair space air grid
As a big Man I got tired of replacing so called big and tall office chairs every 6-8 months, that’s why I went on the hunt for a 400 pound weight capacity chair that was built to last. After weeks of research I finally found this 400 pound capacity Office Star chair.

The feature I love most is the air grid meshing. It’s amazing how much cooler the body gets with airflow continuously weeping in through the mesh. It’s not just some flimsy weak mesh, nor is it a metal like mesh. It’s one heck of a strong material and it’s rather comfortable too. The seat is even made from mesh padding, and has just the right amount of padding my my big backside.

The ergonomic design on this chair was really helpful for my lower back pain, in articular the tailbone. After long periods sitting in previous chairs, my tail bone would ache something chronic. Maybe it has to do with my 6 foot height, but I’ve also heard that this office chair is particularly good for short heavy people as well as the taller folks. I would suggest the adjustable arms have a fair impact on this. The width and the height of the arms can be adjusted, which is ideal for many types of people.


Office Star Office Chair 400 Lbs

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Our Best 500 Pound Capacity Office Chair Recommendation

Avenger OFM 810500 LB Office Chair OFM 810 LX

Now we are starting to dig into some serious heavy weight office chairs. This 500 pound capacity OFM office chair is one Beast not to be taken lightly. It’s by far the biggest chair in it’s division we have found, besides the 1000 Lb capacity office chairs.

As the weight capacity goes up, so does the price. So in saying this, I always recommend you give yourself an extra 50 lbs to allow for the actual impact on the chair when sitting down. So for this Avenger chair, I usually recommend it to people up to 450 lbs. Plus its worth noting that this chair does not have a waterfall lip on the seat, so it can be an issue for the really big guys with large legs rubbing on the edge of the seat.

It’s also worth noting that this chair does not recline. But this is because it has such a high weight limit, reclining backwards would put too much pressure on the frame. So it’s safest to not recline at these capacities unless the chair is especially built for that feature.

Some of the selling points the Avenger boasts include:

  • Super thick padded arms. 1 inch thick to be precise. Solid steel arms give this a heavy duty ‘Tank’ appeal.
  • Strong one piece steel base – No visible welded joints to potentially snap.
  • Metal seat base for the heavy duty weights – No weaker timber frame like many others
  • Seat has ample padding, so much so it may be impossible to bottom out here.
  • Possibly the strongest pneumatic chair available as many only go to 300 – 350 pound capacity.
  • Oversized heavy duty caster wheels to get you rolling with ease.


The Avenger 500 Lbs Capacity OFM


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1000 Pound Capacity Office Chairs

For the maximum heavy weight limit office chairs, I don’t think to go any further then the 1000 Lbs range. It’s slim pickings right now for anyone needing such a big chair. But they are available and you can see the 2x 1000 lbs computer chairs here.

The XXL office chairs may spike as more and more bigger people start demanding our needs be treated. So far results have been incredible for the up to 500 pound capacity chairs and in time we may even see more of these super tank like office chairs available more freely. In America alone the Obesity rate is up to 35.7% and growing. Our needs should be met, it’s only a matter of time.

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