XL Office Chairs For The Executive Lifestyle

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XL Office Chairs Executive - Extra Large

With the percentage of overweight people out numbering the ‘normal’ people, I found it hard to understand why it was so difficult to find XL Office Chairs for extra large people. Fortunately after much research I have found some suitable chairs which suit my needs.

If your an executive of a company and slightly overweight, I think one deserves a chair that fits. According to CDC.gov, 69.2% of Americans are overweight. This number also includes obesity.

But what’s more disturbing is how often the overweight community gets forgotten. For example. I don’t see almost 70% of office chairs with a weight capacity that can actually hold us larger sized folks. In fact the last time I went down to a office store franchise, I was shocked to only see 1 (Yes 1) chair that was capable of holding a heavy person, and it was only rated to hold 350 Lbs. Which is why I turned online.

Fortunately as you will soon see, the wonderful world of online shopping has made life considerably easier for us guys. This site has just the right amount of chairs to cater for many XL persons. I won’t list all the available chairs right here, I will list just a few of mine and my co-workers all time favorite XL office chairs. But you can take a look around at the available weight range from the above tabs. Sizes range from 250 Lbs, 400 Lbs to even the 1000 pounder desk chair. These are all chairs that are becoming increasingly popular around the office.


My Number 1. XL Desk Chair

400 LB Flash Furntiture Extra Wide Office Chair

400 LB Flash Furniture

I love the fact that nothing about this chair is cheap. Its cases like this when you really do get what you pay for. It’s very supportive on lower backs and is good for taller people. This chair won’t leave most of you sitting with your knees up under your chin.

Unlike many other chairs of this capacity, I’ve found this seat shouldn’t flatten after mere months. For me it just keeps on going, day after day. Which is what we want when we work in a chair 8+ hrs a day. It’s also adjustable and the wheels are rather smooth when rolling, even over carpet. Basically I find this chair is an all round quality and affordable chair that I highly recommend.

*Note: This is the arm-less version. If you prefer arms you can check out the 350 lbs capacity armed version.

Hercules Big & Tall Fabric Office Chair 400 Lbs



Extra Large LexMod (Modway)

350 LB Office Chair With Flip Up Arms

350 Lbs Modway Office Details
Besides being very stylish, the thing I like most about this 350 pound rated chair is that the arms completely flip up and out of the way. It’s the solution to: should I have arms or not… This particular model is the leatherette style which also comes in some very cool colors. But it also is available as an extra breathable mesh style seat. The seating goes down to personal preference, but both models are equally good.

While this chair has a touch of class about it, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s flimsy. All the parts are very sturdy and are held together via 8 strong bolts. It can certainly handle some heavy duty weight while looking a touch above the rest.

The curved backing adds a nice amount of lumbar support and the mesh backing is just great. It’s really a very ergonomically fit office chair. Overall I can’t fault this chair too much, however I know it won’t suit every Big Man’s needs. For me I love the mesh material and the stylish looks are the winners for me.

LexMod 350 Lbs Mesh Backing Office Chair


Big Man’s 450 Pound Alera Ravino Executive Chair

While it may not say so in the description, the manual for this Ravino office chair stipulates the weight capacity to 450 lbs. So if your afraid of the ‘wobble’ other inferior chairs give, this chair may be a solution. It’s built rock solid and can handle some pretty tough conditions, plus I found it rather wobble free. Firstly I like how easy this chair is to assemble. It shouldn’t take much more then 20 minutes. But due to the heavy duty rating, I would still recommend the help of a second person as these chairs can be heavy.

The overall comfort is rather nice. The padded arms help a lot too. Sitting in the office for hours on end should be a dream come true for many people looking to find an affordable yet comfy chair. The casters are ok, but probably won’t suit all environments. If you need to, you can get some heavy duty caster wheels which may make this chair amazing.

Alera Ravino 450 Lbs Office Chair


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Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty Double Plush Caressoftplus Chair 350-Pound

Comfort Products Commodore II Executive Big and Tall Chair – Black
Comfort Products Commodore II Executive Big and Tall Chair - Black

Hercules Series Capacity Big and Tall Black Mesh Office Chair 400-Pound
Flash Furniture Hercules Series Capacity Big and Tall Black Mesh Office Chair 400-Pound


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