I Need A Fat Person Desk Chair!

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Fat Persons Desk Chairs

Is someone at home or in your office screaming out ‘I NEED A Fat Person Desk Chair‘?. It happens regularly in our office, especially when cleaners decide to move peoples chairs around while us office workers are at home resting after a hard day in the office. As a joke maybe…I don’t know, but either way it’s not funny.

But what’s even worse is if your forced to sit in the chairs provided by the establishment and they have not considered us overweight folk at all. In some chairs you would be hard up getting me to even fit in, not too mention getting remotely comfortable. So what we decided to do some time back was to bring our own ‘fat’ (Slightly overweight) person chair to the office. Some workers went as far as chaining the chair to the desk in defense to the cleaners/pranksters.

So anyways…If your in a similar situation to this or you simply need a bigger then normal chair for your home office, we have taken the liberty in show casing some of the plus sized office chairs that we have floating around the office. Continue below to see what’s in our office or you can go to the home page to select a weight category that suits you.


300 Lbs Capacity Desk Chair

Boss Heavy Duty Task Chair

Office Chairs For Fat Persons
Boss 300 Lbs Capacity Office Chair – Amazon.com

This is a nice 300 pound capacity desk chair by Boss. The feedback given about this chair is fairly positive, however it’s worth mentioning that it’s not a chair that’s ideal for taller guys and gals. Wendy from accounts is a shorter woman and absolutely loves this chair. It’s perfect for her height. The measurement from the floor to the top of the seat is roughly 17 inches and when raised the seat becomes 21 inches from the ground.

I would consider this Boss heavy duty desk chair an entry level office chair, for the average office worker who doesn’t want to pay for all the bells and whistles that the more expensive chairs boast about. I find it’s extremely sturdy and durable. Has lasted well over 18 months now and still going strong and keeping Wendy happy. The cushioning is spot on and with the lower back support (Depending on your height), it can really take the pressure off the lower back.

The steel frame and spacious seating make this 300 LB chair very attractive to the heavier office worker. It’s done it’s time and proved to be a great chair around our office. It’s well priced (Considering many heavy duty chairs for us big people can go upwards of $1000). The Boss chair in my opinion is well worth many times more then any sub $100 chair NOT designed for us fat people.

BOSS 300 Lbs Fabric Office Chair

450 LB Desk Chair

Alera Ravino Big and Tall Series High-Back

Desk Chairs For Fat People
This chair by Alera is meant for the really big people. Built like an absolute tank and is rated to hold an astounding 450 Lbs. This chair gets used daily and has been in the office for about a year now. It clearly lives up to the title of being able to hold heavy people in our case. This chair is often talked about during breaks (Sad we talk about chairs), and newcomers are blown away by how much it costs. It may not be affordable for everyone, but it’s well worth its weight in gold if you ask any of us.

Measuring in at 23 inches from the ground to the top of the seat, it’s very capable of handling the taller people too. Plus the high back also is very handy. The Alera Ravino chair can recline back to about 45 degrees and has a lock lever down the right hand side. The frame is polished chrome steel just like the looped arms which are also padded. The chair is really well built and gives absolute confidence for the bigger folks needing to get a sturdy and reliable office chair. The frame and structure provide all the confidence needed which I find in many other chairs, is simply lacking.

Alera Ravino 450 Lbs Office Chair


500 LB Our Best Choice Office Chair


Safco Vue Big and Tall Mesh Task Chair

500 Lbs Office Chair For Obese People
I find the Safco Vue Office Chair which has a 500 Lbs rating, to be an affordable yet solid office chair. This chair is always my number 1 recommended chair for the 450 LB+ people who DON’T want to refinance the house just to get a chair like the Herman Miller. But why would I when I think the Safco is an amazing durable and very sturdy chair which doe’s its job very well. Side Note: Additional arms can also be added on, if arms are a must for you.

The mesh backing is a hit for me, the idea of sweat running down my back doesn’t really suit me. These mesh chairs really do allow air to flow and cool things down I’ve noticed. The backing is also shaped to provide an ergonomic sitting position and lumbar support, which is great for our backs.

The additional support this chair has is crazy. It brings it home in terms of structural confidence. Reinforced seating and base make me feel 100% safe sitting in this chair, even when locked into tilt mode. No real dramas with this chair to mention. It rolls around freely, can take a lot of weight and is ultra comfortable. It’s meant to be rated for 24/7 use, but this is yet to be tested here.

500 Lb Armless Office Chair - Safco

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