Our Top 3 Office Chairs Up To 250 Lbs Weight Capacity

Office Chairs For Overweight People Up To 250 LBS!

I find many staff that work in offices fall into this weight range for office chairs. Office chairs that are rated to handle up to 250 LBS (113kg). The standard office chair that you can buy form many retailers generally can only handle 200 Lbs. While this load limit is acceptable for many office workers. But for the rest of us overweight or heavier persons, 200 Lbs is simply not enough.

Finding the appropriate computer chair for the heavier people can sometimes be a tough task and even a little embarrassing. Quite a few office workers have requested info on how to choose and where to buy these heavy duty office seats, this page may be used as a simple reference. Not only for office workers, but for the general public also that might be having a tough time finding the right weight limit office chair.

So lets have a look at some of these computer chairs that have been trialed and tested over the years and chairs I’ve found that have stood the test of time. Starting off with chairs that can handle 250 pounds.

Review By Brand

Boss – Plus Size Office Chair
Office Star Space Professional
Alera Elusion Series

The Boss Black Leather Plus Executive Chair

Plus Size Office Chairs By Boss

Office Chairs For Heavy People - Boss Black
I personally love this chair because it may reduce leg fatigue due to the height positioning levels. I’m average height I would say, but I don’t recommend this chair for shorter people. Maybe if your less then 5’6 I would suggest another chair because the lowest setting for height would still probably be too high off the ground for you.

This plus sized computer chair not only looks fantastic (A cross between vinyl and leather) but it is extremely comfortable in my opinion. The soft padded seat and backing a real joy on the body. The lumbar support and the ability to recline make this a very ergonomic office chair. One guy in the office has a pretty bad back and he swears by this chair.

Boss Black LeatherPlus 250 Lbs Office Chair

Office Desk Chair Recommended 200-250 LBS

Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Back Managers Chair with Leather Seat and 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt

I think this chair by Office Star is one of those gems you come across every now and then. To me it seems like this chair has the lot, but wont cost you the world to buy. It’s probably considered a mid range to lower end price range for most consumers. Fortunately unlike some other lower to middle priced chairs, I believe this one actually delivers quality results. This is due to what I believe are no cheap inferior parts or casters that don’t roll properly (Even on carpet).

It’s rather comfortable with just enough padding. Not too little and not over the top. The way I like it. But if your after a super cushy type of chair, then keep looking. This one is more your firm back style with low lumbar support.Office Star 250 LBS

The one negative I found with this plus size office chair is the arm rests. They are simply built to suit thin arms. But in our case were needing a chair that can support and be comfortable for the more heavier/overweight person. If the arm rests don’t bother you then I say heck yes jump into this chair when you can. It’s great value for money, looks professional and is made from quality parts. Worth every cent if you ask me, because it may last a long time compared to similar models. Time is money when it comes to office chairs.

Space Seating Eco Leather Office Chair


Multifunction Office Chair For The Overweight

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair – Black

This Alera task desk chair is such great value, I think it’s seriously hard to say no to this chair. A multifunction chair that allows you to adjust settings like never before. I’ll start off by saying that this chair is huge! So big in fact that I DON’T recommend this chair to anyone that is under 5’4-5’5 because you may not sit tall enough to achieve the maximum back support. Your knees may be tight up against the cushioned seat therefor may increase potential back problems. I say don’t risk it on this chair if you are under 5’4.

What I love about this plus size computer chair is the mesh backing. Even with the air con on at work, on other desk chairs I tend to sweat a lot down my back. But with the breathable mesh as the backing it allows air to circulate and reducing the temperature on your back. No lumbar is present but you can adjust the height of the back a few inches which allows the slight inward curved base of the back seat to align perfectly.

Again the Alera is another one of those nice and comfortable seats that leaves me saying ‘ahhhh‘ every time you get to work. Its extremely comfortable with a great balance of padding that wont make you feel like your sitting on a plank or feel like your sinking into a bottomless pit of feathers either. The balance is just great. The waterfall edge is basically the curved front padding on the actual seat which may help reduce some tension on your legs.

My only gripe with this chair besides it not being suitable for shorter people is the arm rests. Which is me being a little picky also though. It’s not very user friendly to adjust the arm rests. It’s not hard, but just means you will have to adjust from underneath the arm rest. But in saying this, once you set it up to how you like it, I doubt you will have to adjust the arm rest ever again.

In comparison to a similar priced office chair for up to 250 LBS or a very similar LexMod Office Chair, I seriously couldn’t point you a better direction then towards the Alera Model. The vast selection of colors available on this certain LexMod chair is the only area it dominates the Alera in my opinion. But who knows, in time more colors may become available.

>>Feel Like Your Too Tall For A Mid Back Seat? Try The Alera High Back Version..You May Be Amazed!!<<

Alera Elusion Mesh 250 Lbs Capacity



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