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Big Man Office Chairs – Don’t Settle For Less!500 LBS OFFICE CHAIRS For obese People


On this page you will get a run down of the available BIG man office chairs. Did you know you can get 500 LB Capacity Office Chairs that may actually handle the heavy weight, plus may even outlast many of the mediocre chairs available in some of the leading department stores. Well you may be right in assuming yes. Because you about to discover what we believe are the best computer chairs available for the heavier people going around.

So sit back and try and relax in your possible uncomfortable/wobbly..BROKEN?!! inferior office chair that you so desire to replace. Potentially to be replaced with a nice new floating on clouds (feeling) kinda chair that perhaps wont brake down in just a couple short months.

What Capacity Do You Desire?

450 LB Office Chairs
500 LB Office Chairs


450 LB Capacity Chairs

Alera Ravino Big & Tall Version

We recommend the Alera here because we think it’s a very strong and reliable office chair for heavy people. Plus it also has the style and comfort to match. Plush pillow padding adds a extra level of comfort in the backing, seat and the arm rest.

The 5 star chrome plated base is extremely strong, made from heavy grade steel. Which is tied up together with screws and bolts that we reckon could hold the Titanic together. It’s really one of the most sturdiest almost wobble free chairs on the market that we know of. If you like the idea of stress free leaning back in your chair, then you may just LOVE this computer chair.

BEFORE YOU BUY! Be aware that while the casters on this chair work rather well, carpet is their enemy. So if you need a chair to operate over carpet what I suggest you do is get yourself some extra large Miracle Casters. These beasts will get you rolling in no time.


Alera Ravino 450 Lbs Office Chair


Basyx by HON

VL705 Mesh Back Leather Big And Tall Chair Review

 Basyx Big Man Chair 500 pound capacityThis plus size office chair has a rating to hold a weight capacity of up to 450 LBS. It’s as solid as a rock and the seat’s wide enough that you may no longer pinch your legs, which I just hate.

While the actual design looks very professional, it also serves a greater purpose. The comfortable padded mesh material lets your chair breathe keeping your back cool and prevents sweating. Which is great for creating a more comfortable work station. The more comfy you are the more productive you can be.

When we compared the Basyx office chair to some of the higher ticket priced items, we found very similar attributes and wondered why people would spend so much more when there’s a decent office chair in the Basyx. Perhaps many people haven’t heard of this chair. But now you have, so before you pay around $1000 for a 450 LB office chair, we recommend you consider the Basyx by Hon. Highly recommended heavy duty computer chair.

Basyx By Hon 450 Lbs Capacity


Our Best Recommendation: 500 LB Capacity Office Chairs

500 LB Office Chair: OFM 810-LX Avenger Series Big And Tall

Finding a computer chair that has the capacity to hold a 500 LB big man/woman is no easy feat. Fortunately there are a couple of really good quality chairs that may actually withstand up to 500 LBS. Now with a bit of extra research I have managed to bring you what I think is the best of the best 500 LB office chair. Behold the Avenger Series OFM 810 LX!.

Big Man Office Chair

Like all good quality heavy duty chairs, the 810 LX includes the usual features we come to expect; 360 degree swivel, height adjustment, Lumbar support etc. The 5 star chrome base is 28 inches wide, while the space between arm rests is an impressive 23-24 inches. The padding on this beast of a chair stands at 5 inches thick. Now that’s some cushion!.

The chair passes ANSI/BIFMA standards and is registered as GreenGuard (Safe for schools and children). We find the chair to be extremely sturdy. With reinforced steel bracing on the arms and underneath the seat. The leather exterior is white double stitched creating a professional look to it. This chair is not only perfect for heavier people but is such good quality, every home should have one.

As for the price? Well it’s a bit more expensive then most chairs on Office Chairs For Heavy People, BUT the reason for this is because it’s built to hold 500 LBS. With quality comes a steeper price tag we have found. When you add up the costs of replacing broken inferior chairs, this OFM 810 LX proves to be great value for us.

Where To Buy The OFM 810 LX 500 Pound Capacity Office Chair

Check with spezialist office furntiure physical stores to see if they stock the OFM. As for online opportunities you can buy the OFM office chair from the manufacturers website www.ofminc.com. Alternatively you can buy the 810 LX from Amazon.com if you live in America.

The Avenger 500 Lbs Capacity OFM


Check Out The Avenger 810 LX video Review!

Safco Office Chair – 500 LBS Weight Capacity

All of the below Safco office chairs are rated to handle 500 LBS. Prices vary but may be more affordable then the OFM 810 LX.

Safco Vue Big and Tall Mesh Task Chair500 LB Capacity Office Chairs

The cheapest of the Safco bunch of 500 LB Office chairs we could find is the Safco Vue Big & Tall chair. The Vue is pretty decent office chair for heavy people and it’s not too expensive either. It comes with the standard adjustments and a mesh backing. Which really helps the air flow keeping you a bit cooler in those long days in the office.

It’s strong, sturdy, designed well, rolls well in our opinion and is rather comfortable for a 400 LB plus person. Only draw back from making this the perfect entry level 500 LB chair is that the back of the seat should be a little taller. This can create an issue for some 6′ plus people. But when your on the computer a lot your leaning forward most of the time anyways. But something to consider anyways.

Safco 500 Lbs Mesh Office Chair


500 LB Computer Chair – Mid Priced!

Uber Big and Tall Mid Back Chair By Safco

The next model up from the Vue is the Uber Big &Tall by Safco. We think the Uber is as solid as a rock and here are a few of it’s features:

  • Size of extra wide seat: 22-1/4″ wide by 20-3/4″ deep
  • The back of the seat: 23″ wide by 19-3/4″ high
  • Adjustable height control
  • 24/7 Rated Heavy Duty Office Chair
  • Polyester Material
  • Lock and tilt control
  • Check Available Colors On Amazon



500 Lb Armless Office Chair - Safco

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