LexMod Office Chair – Should You Buy One?

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LexMod Office Chairs – Compare Models

A Lexmod Office Chair now known as Modway may undoubtedly enhance any office imaginable. Lexmod has being producing stunning office furniture for over 18 years now and as far as I’m concerned, continue to be a leader in the office chair department.  But which Lexmod computer chair is right for you and where’s the best place to buy one?.

At officechairsforheavypeople.org we strive to bring you what we believe are the best larger sized chairs available online. So the first chair we are going to compare is a 350 LB weight capacity Lexmod office chair.


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LexMod Focus Office Chair

350LB Leather Or Mesh Office Chair

The Best Modway Office Chair
This 350 pound rated chair comes in 2 varieties with a selection of colors to choose from. Both versions feature a this durable mesh like backrest. The air grid makes this chair breathe really well. Allowing air to circulate to your body which reduces heat and sweat you normally build up on your back. Extremely valuable during the summer months.

The difference between the 2 available models is the seat. One is leather and the other is mesh material over a padded seat. Price reflects the 2 differences with the mesh seat being the cheaper option. Both seats are adequately padded and very comfortable on the backside.

The lumbar support is perfectly positioned, but due to different body sizes results may vary. Additional back support is also available to cater to every bodies needs as well. The arm rests are at the correct height and also flip up out of the way. Which is very handy for certain activities you may be doing in your chair. Which I find is rare for a chair of this price.

Height adjustment should cater for many people ranging from 17 to 21 inches without any major complaints. Tilt and tension lock complete this all round pretty decent chair. Overall we find the Lexmod Focus/Edge boasts plenty of bang for your buck and is made from durable materials to withstand 350 Lbs which sells it for me.

LexMod 350 Lbs Mesh Backing Office Chair


LexMod Ribbed Mid Back Office Chair

Designer Office Chairs By LexMod
If you recognize the look of this LexMod office chair then that’s simply because we believe it’s a cheaper imitation model of the Herman Miller Eames Aluminum group executive chairs. But without the massive price tag to show. Unless your willing to pay multiple times the price of this chair to get the real deal, then this Lexmod chair will satisfy the majority of people.

Just like the expensive version, this Lexmod version boasts a 5 star aluminum base that’s machine polished. Not quite the mirror like finish of the Eames edition. The pneumatic lift works rather well without any major complaints.

Comfort is something that’s unique to each person, but in saying this. It’s a rather comfortable seat. Not overly soft, more firm. Which is good for not getting to carried away with comfort and then suddenly realizing you have just fallen asleep. This chair oozes style and designer appeal for an affordable price. Overall I find this chair a pretty good buy, but with certain drawbacks when compared to the higher priced original.

Available In A Selection Of Colors On Amazon.com


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LexMod Discovery Mid Back Leather Conference Office Chair in Black Genuine Leather
LexMod Discovery Mid Back Leather Conference Office Chair in Black Genuine Leather


LexMod Resonate High Back Ergonomic Task Office Chair in BlackLexMod Resonate High Back Ergonomic Task Office Chair in Black


LexMod View Office Chair with Mesh Back and Gray Padded SeatLexMod View Office Chair with Mesh Back and Gray Padded Seat


LexMod Sleek Mesh Office Chair with Headrest in Silver FrameLexMod Sleek Mesh Office Chair with Headrest in Silver Frame


LexMod Vibe Modern Leather Highback Office ChairLexMod Vibe Modern Leather Highback Office Chair


LexMod Ribbed High Back Chair in White VinylLexMod Ribbed High Back Chair in White Vinyl




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