Serta Executive Office Chair – Which Is The Best?

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Around the office a Serta Executive Office Chair is fairly common, but which Serta chair is the best rated and best value for money?. Well that’s what we are here to find out. Now we haven’t come across and worked in all the executive office chairs available, because there is simply too many. But we strive to provide quality consumer feedback and research in depth to bring you what we believe to be the best Serta managerial office chair on the market.

 Serta Executive Office Chairs

While there are numerous executive computer/office chairs by Serta, we can’t review them all. So for quick access to view the Serta collection on Amazon,  simply click on the catalog link below to compare prices.


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Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chairs

Serta Smart Layers Tranquility Chair Review
Serta Smart Layers Tranquility Chair –

Serta has 2 popular office chairs designed for the big and tall people. The better of the two in our opinion is the Serta Smart Layers Tranquility Chair.  It’s a pleasure to sit on this larger then normal seat, which is double padded to provide ultimate comfort for heavier people. Even for smaller people, this chair feels like a bed has been cut into the shape of a chair. It wouldn’t be hard to put aside the days stress and doze off in this chair.

It has just the right amount of adjustments to keep things simple for quick access. The functions you really need from a chair of this caliber such as height adjustment, tilt tension, soft padded arms and a heavy duty base that passes the BIFMA standards.

Whats The Cost? This chair is well priced in our opinion. Worthwhile investment, especially if you need a chair with a higher weight capacity. Forget replacing cheap plastic base chairs with another inferior chair. This chair may save you forever replacing the ‘duds’ available.


Serta Big & Tall Executive Chair – Black Leather

The second office chair for heavy people is basically a black bonded leather version, with a couple extra cool features. Such as the mechanical lumbar support which you customize to your desired position. Plus the memory foam is the real winner in terms of a really pleasurable chair. Our maximum ratings for comfort go to this Serta chair and bonus points for quick and ease of assembly.

Unfortunately like pretty much any product, people run into problems at some stage during the products lifespan. Which is usually the minority of the overall consumer base. But nonetheless negative feedback is just as helpful as positive. If there are several people complaining about a similar problem then that’s usually a good sign to run. But the 2 negative reviews for this chair are unrelated, but still worth reading.

Special note: Always read into the manufacturers warranty and terms before buying a office chair online. No matter where you buy from. Make sure you have at least 30 days warranty. So if for whatever reason you don’t like the chair you know you can always get a refund. On larger items like an office chair, it’s also recommended that you take out extended warranty if you can afford it. A mistake I learned a long time ago on a high ticket electronic purchase. Only wish I took out the 6 month extended warranty. Play it by your best judgment and you should be fine.


Serta Fabric Multifunction Managers ChairSerta Fabric Managers Chair

This is a great chair for the price one may pay and is rated to hold 225 Lbs. The heavy duty base complies with BIFMA standards, so if you’re a little on the heavier side (up to 225 lbs), this chair will suit you perfectly. The extra wide seat makes this a cosy and comfortable chair for many size back sides.

Although the lumbar support is not adjustable, everything else is adjustable to make this a very ergonomic office chair for many sizes and seating positions. The 3 handled seat adjustment is multifunctional allowing you to set your seat at just the right spot for you. But if your a little on the shorter side, say 5’4″ then you will probably need a foot rest or stool as you may find it difficult reaching the ground.

As for appearance, looks are well suited to be head of the office. Made from a black corduroy fabric, which is also a nice change from the leather chairs. Especially if you have bare skin impacting with the chair. You won’t get that cold bite you have come to fear. The corduroy fabric can tend to stick to your clothing when sitting in the chair. This is not a big issue because it just takes a bit of a wiggle to loosen the contact.

Compare Serta Executive Office Chairs

Serta 43670 Microfiber Executive Chair 24.75 by 28.75 by 44-Inch Coffee BrownSerta 43670 Microfiber Executive Chair 24.75 by 28.75 by 44-Inch Coffee Brown

Serta 43675 Faux Leather Big and Tall Executive Chair 25.25 by 29 by 46.75-Inch BlackSerta 43675 Faux Leather Big and Tall Executive Chair 25.25 by 29 by 46.75-Inch Black

Serta 43673 Faux Leather and Mesh Executive Chair 25.75 by 28 by 46-Inch BlackSerta 43673 Faux Leather and Mesh Executive Chair 25.75 by 28 by 46-Inch Black


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