What Are The Best Big and Tall Office Chairs

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Alera Ravino 450 Lbs Capacity - Amazon.comAn important aspect to consider when deciding to invest in an office chair, is the weight capacity limit. Especially if your a big & Tall person. Having an office chair best suited to handle the heavy weight capacities is extremely important. This doesn’t only go for overweight or heavy people either. Standard size users should also consider weight limits as well. E.g: Wife comes and sits on your lap while your typing away (Playing Games) next thing you know the chair has snapped beneath you. Everyone’s hit the ground, because the combined weight of the 2 people simply put too much stress on the structure of the chair. Not a fun feeling at all and it happens more then you may think.

These Are Our Best Rated Big And Tall Office Chairs

We here at Office Chairs for Heavy People have reviewed quite a few of what we believe are the best rated plus sized office chairs, and continue to do so into the future. Unfortunately it seems that the larger size community seems to be forgotten in some of the office department stores. Just the other day I went down to a specialized office department store (One of the bigger names) and was totally blown away by the fact they only stocked one big & tall office chair (Rated to 300Lbs). Unacceptable in my opinion!.

Moving On To The Reviews..

If you search around the site you can find all sorts of reviews for the big and tall society, pay particular attention to the tabs with weight ratings where you can find our top 3 chairs with reviews for each weight category. More recent reviews/posts can be found here. For this page we have listed what we think is the best office chair for the bigger and taller people categorized into weight capacity limits on the chair.

Our Recommended 500 LB Rated Office Chair

Safco 500 Pound Office Chair

Safco 500 LB office chair Vue Mesh
The reason this Safco 500 pound capacity desk chair comes in as our favorite, besides being super strong is that we find it to be very affordable. I could buy 3 to 5 of these chairs and it would still work out cheaper then some of the other Expensive office chairs. The highly breathable mesh like material is a massive positive with this chair. As we all know, us bigger men and women tend to sweat a fair bit (Even with the Air Con on). But this chair may make sitting in the office ‘Cool’ again and not just in body temp. Check it out.

*NOTE: Optional Arms Are Available – Amazon.com

500 Lb Armless Office Chair - Safco


My Top Rated 450 LB Big & Tall Office Chair

ALERA Ravino – Big And Tall Series

Alera Big And Tall Office Chair 450 lbs capacity
The user manual is where it states the Alera Ravino Office Chair’s 450 LB weight load limit. I recently read somewhere that this chair feels like it is bullet proof or something along those lines. I think it’s a pretty accurate review of this heavy duty chair. Without involving any actual bullets of course, but it sure as heck can take some serious weight and usage.

The one negative I have found for the Ravino office chair is that is difficult to assemble. If at all possible, try and arrange a second person to help you assemble this tank of a chair. Due to it’s oversized build and heavy duty parts, this office chair weighs a fair bit. So an extra body could definitely help.

If your considering getting yourself this pretty solid Alera chair, or already have purchased and are looking for assembly tips. Some rather helpful assembly tips can be found here.

Alera Ravino 450 Lbs Office Chair


We Think This Is The Sturdiest 400 Pound Computer Chair

 Flash Furniture Hercules Series

Best Big & Tall Office Chair - 400 LB Flash Furniture has implied a stylish and smart approach to this 400 LB chair. The breathable mesh backing is a major influence for a lot of people, including myself. Having airflow to our bodies can do wonders in the office. I think this well designed chair may even achieve coolness to the next level. Many people overlook the ‘sweat’ factor when considering an office chair, but for me it’s up there with sturdiness.

Which this Flash Furniture chair provides plenty of. Some co-workers who weigh around 400 pounds even use this chair daily for 10+ hours. Which speaks volumes for the durability and strength of this chair.

If your like me an prefer to rest your elbows on something besides the desk, the armed version is for you.

Hercules 400 Lbs Mesh Office Chair


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