Heavy Duty Executive Chairs For The Office

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Heavy Duty Executive Chairs For The Office
Hon 450 Lbs Capacity – Amazon.com

Every office should have Heavy Duty Executive Chairs on all levels of management in our valued opinion. Just the pure sight of some of these executive office chairs for heavy people is intimidating. The size, the beauty and most of all the reliability you get from these heavy duty chairs is what makes these chairs so special.

If your high up the food chain in an executive role, but are a little on the overweight side, then you could equip your office with a office chair made from heavy duty materials to hold your weight capacity. There’s nothing more embarrassing then breaking a fragile plastic framed office chair, except of course…When you break the office chair within a very important business meeting. Chairs tend to do that at the most inconvenient of times.

Moving along…What you will find on this page is a collection of some of what we believe to be the best rated Executive Office Chairs. Chairs that can handle heavy duty usage and of course heavy people. These large chairs not only look fantastic and strong, but also come at a respectable price. Considering they are made from stronger and sturdier material, the price’s really aren’t blown out for these executive chairs. I’ll let you be the judge and check them out yourself.



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Alera Executive Chair

450 LBs Big Man Office ChairAlera Ravino Big and Tall Series High-Back Swivel/Tilt Leather Chair, Black

Many people have done plenty of researching for a good high back big and tall executive office chair. The chair I find many people seem to love is the Alera Ravino. This may be because this is one awesome heavy duty office chair that can handle up to 350 Lbs.

What I have found from reading plenty of reviews about this chair are basically all positive. But with anything, there is always a draw back to each individual. Comfort and lower back support are among the highest talked about aspects for this chair, which in my books is extremely important.

Durability and strength are also very important aspects when deciding on heavy duty chairs. Which is what makes this chair a good choice. The metal base should outlast many plastic bases. The casters are made of plastic, but seem to be fairly good quality with none to minimal complaints. Perhaps many buyers upgrade them to heavy duty casters or replace them with there old casters.

350 LB Executive Office Chair

Commodore II Executive Big and Tall Chair

 Commodore 2 Oversized Office Chair
It’s hard to believe a 350 LB rated office chair that also looks fantastic can be so affordable. From Comfort Products comes the Commodore Executive Office Chair, and boy is this this thing built for the BIG MAN.  It’s a tank of a chair, yet simple to use.

Not too many over functional adjustments, but rather just enough. such  as tilt, swivel, locking capabilities, height adjustment, chrome arms and base. It’s a great chair for  anyone looking for a 350 pound capacity executive office chair. Plus I’ve heard the customer service is also pretty good (Hopefully you don’t need customer service of course). Even if it’s something as simple as assembly instructions, I’ve heard Comfort Products do an amazing job.

How Hard Is It To Put One Of These Office Chairs Together?

Watch Sam as he demonstrates just how easy and quick it can be to have you next office chair up and running. To see the same office chair Sam puts together, visit the link below the video.



The Alera Elusion High Back Office Chair

  • Simple to assemble as you have just seen in the above video
  • Comes in with a weight capacity of 250 lbs, so not ideal for the obese people
  • Great office chair for short and tall people due to it’s great range in height adjustments
  • Adjustable arms
  • Tension tilt allow you to gently rock back and forth with the ability to lock into position
  • Breathable mesh backing is fantastic for allowing air flow to the body.


Alera Elusion Mesh High Back


Serta Executive Office Chair

Serta Big & Tall Charcoal Microfiber Executive ChairSERTA Executive Office Chairs For Big People

The first management office chair is by Serta which is built for the big and tall. A welcome change from the bonded leather, this chair is made from microfiber which shouldn’t shred on you in months like some bonded leather chairs do. It’s wider then the average desk chair and is double padded for extra comfort and lumbar support.

The frame is well built and can easily hold the extra weight if needed, which does pass the BIFMA standards. What I really like is the Charcoal finish. It’s something different to the usual and really does blend in with almost all surroundings. Stocks the usual tilt tension and Pneumatic seat height adjustments.




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