Heavy Duty Office Chair Base

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A Heavy Duty Office Chair Base is the perfect alternative to buying a whole new office chair. Rather then spending hundreds of dollars buying a new chair to hold large weight capacities, why not simply replace your broken base with a metal office chair base. It’s not hard to do and costs only a fraction of what it would cost to get a whole new chair. You can learn how to change the base over quickly by viewing the video below.


Heavy Duty Metal Office Chair Base

Metal Swivel Chair BasesBest Heavy Duty Chrome Office Chair base

For what we think is the the best heavy duty office chair base, you cant go past a metal base. A metal base is by far superior to plastic bases in our opinion. Especially if your overweight and heavier then the average person. Plastic bases may not handle the weight and could simply break. Minimize the fear of breaking a plastic base by getting a strong and reliable metal base.

We think the best heavy duty metal computer chair base (Displayed In Image) not only enhances the look of your office chair and office, but may also give your chair the extra strength needed to hold heavier weight loads. The chrome finish on the 5 star base gives it a very stylish look.

Things You Should know About This Heavy Persons Office Chair Base

  • Rated to hold 350 Lbs – Heavy Duty Chrome Finish
  • Compatible with many office chairs all over the globe
  • Standard Cylinder Diameter : Fits 2 inch Gas Lifts
  • Fits 7/16 inch diameter x 7/8 inch long wheel stems
  • Diameter of base: 25 Inches
  • Unfortunately NOT compatible with Miracle Caster wheels. (The only negative point with this chrome base)


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