What Is A Ergonomic Office Chair & Should You Buy One

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What Is A Ergonomic Office ChairBefore anyone hops on down to the local office chair department store, it’s important to think about the ergonomic benefits of the chair. But first one must understand what is a ergonomic office chair so you have an idea what to look for, and if having a ergonomic office chair is a good choice for you.

There are many different types of office chairs available these days but most people prefer to have ergonomic chairs for its various health benefits. Many people these days spend a number of hours just sitting and if they do not choose the right chair, it can lead to a number of problems with their spine, shoulders and other parts of their body. The article below discusses whats a ergonomic office chair and why I believe you should get one.

So What Exactly Is A Ergonomic Office Chair?

In simple terms, an ergonomic chair may be defined as a chair that has been specially designed to be comfortable and efficient for the person who is going to work while sitting on the chair for extended periods of time. Many people who sit in office environments for long periods of time prefer ergonomic chairs over other simple chairs.

While sitting is perfectly normal, when done for extended periods it can put a lot of stress on the spine. People who sit on chairs for extended periods of time usually develop back problems and spine issues as they continue to sit on ordinary chairs instead of ergonomic office chairs. Similarly, people who already have back problems usually find their problems exacerbated due to the wrong choice of office chair.

An ergonomic chair has a number of features that support various parts of the body to make sure that people can sit on it for extended periods of time without much discomfort or enhance back problems.

Due to the increasing popularity of ergonomic chairs, a number of brands have launched a variety of ergonomic models. With the market becoming more competitive for your Dollar, choosing the right model for your personal needs is not so easy. Especially if this is your first time.

What Are The Ergonomic Features Of A Office ChairErgonomic Features Office Chair

There are a number of factors you should consider if looking to buy the best ergonomic office chair is on your wish list. It’s important to not forget that everyone has different needs and therefore, a chair that may be right for someone else, may not be the right choice for you.

Therefore, you need to choose a chair that suits your personal needs. So before you buy a chair based on the amount of padding it boasts, make sure you measure your body width, height and in some instances your weight. It’s not uncommon for a normal sized worker to buy a 400 pound capacity chair and not realize the actual width of the chair is far too big for them.

The Height Adjustments Are Important

To choose the right ergonomic chair, the first thing you need to consider is the height. Most models available in the market today can have their height adjusted easily. Many chairs these days come with pneumatic adjustment lever as these are easy to use. Ideally, the users should be able to adjust the height of the chair from 16 to 21 inches above the ground. In simple terms, the chair should allow the user to keep their feet on the ground with thighs parallel to the floor and arms level with the desk.

In addition to adjustable height, the other important factor is ample width. Ideally, the chair should have a width ranging from 17 to 20 inches. Also, the width should be enough to allow the individual to have his or her back firmly planted against the backrest but still have enough space of a few inches from the back of the knees to the seat.

An Ergonomic Desk Chair Should Have Lumbar Support

An ergonomic chair should provide ample support for the lower back. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a chair that comes with lumbar adjustment. The chair should also come with a backrest. There are some models where backrest is separated from the chair. If you are buying such a model, make sure that the backrest can be adjusted in height as well as angle. If the backrest is part of the chair, choose a model where it can be adjusted forward and backward.

Even The Humble Armrest Is Ergonomically Sound

In addition to all the above-mentioned things, the armrest should also be adjustable to allow the user to place his or her arms comfortably on the chair. Adjustable armrest allows the shoulders to stay relaxed as elbows and arms are lightly rested on the armrest. The chair should also swivel even easily which means that the individual should be able to reach all parts of the desk without any unnecessary stretching.

Padding is not always available on all office chairs. As an extra level of comfort and fatigue on your arms, additional office chair arm padding can be purchased separately which makes any office chair more ergonomic friendly.

While all these factors are important, you also need to pay attention to the quality of the seat material. It is recommended to use breathable fabric over plastic material. Also, make sure that the chair has enough padding for your comfort so that you can sit for extended periods of time without many issues.

Overall, these are some of the things you need to consider while buying an ergonomic chair. Hopefully, this article covers everything you wanted to know about whats a ergonomic office chair. Taking care of you body is the best investment anyone can make, so invest in your chair wisely.

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