Big & Tall Office Chairs – Cheap Value For Money?

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Big & Tall Office Chairs are a great way to assist us bigger folks in the office. The only problem is that many of the heavier variety are not exactly cheap. Because these chairs are built and reinforced to stronger standards to be able to hold such weights and are generally wider then the norm. Added costs are involved which can sky rocket the prices.

However there are some real gems if your looking for Cheap Heavy Duty Office Chairs and we have done the research for you and narrowed them down to particular weight capacity limits. So it’s just a matter of clicking on your weight capacity chair and your away. It’s also worth noting that these chairs may still not be as cheap as your crazy discount store kinds, that’s because we only like to use decent long lasting chairs around here. So keep in mind these chairs are the cheapest that we would consider!.



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Best Value For Money Office Chair

250 Pound Rated

The Executive Leather Boss Chair is rated to a 250 Lbs. weight capacity chair. Considering it’s a Managers office chair, I found the price to be rather low. Either way, people may see it differently. But at the end of the day we think this Boss office chair is still a darn good one.

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Our Top Pick – Cheap 350 Lb Rated Office Chair

This LexMod (Now Known as Modway) Focus Office Chair is amazing value for a chair that can hold up to 350 Lbs comfortably. Comes in 2 styles and many different colors. This may be the chair of choice for 300 to 350 pound people.


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Need An Affordable 400 LB Office Chair?

Cheap 400 LB Office Chair

I don’t know what it is about flash Furniture, but they seem to produce some quality 400 LB capacity office chairs. If your interested you can check out the full range of Flash Furniture 400 pound chairs and compare prices for yourself. On display here is the Big & Tall fabric chair which boasts a massive wide seat. Additional arms can be attached if that’s how you like it.

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Bargain 450 LB Office Chair

Now we are getting into some big weight limits and some even bigger price savings. For a chair that’s rated to hold 450 Lbs you might be expecting to pay several hundred or even a thousand plus.

Enough of that rubbish!. Were here to talk about cheap computer chairs for the big and tall. So let me introduce to you the 450 Lb beast by Alera. An amazing piece of office furniture that is nothing less then a tank in my opinion.  Prepare to dominate any office space shining with style, class and a massive heavy duty rating.

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MASSIVE 500 LB Computer Chair

Best Computer Chair For The Money

The Safco Big & Tall Office Chair is one awesome chair. But whats even better in my opinion, is how incredibly cheap it is. For such a high weight capacity chair. Prepare to fall out of your seat because this HUGE 500 pound rated chair is very well priced in my opinion. This price is amazing and in fact I think the Safco is the best 500 Lb chair for the money.


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Need More Options?options

The above chairs have been personally selected as our favorite office chairs which are the most practical and affordable prices to us. However not everyone will agree with our selections. So to provide you with further products you can check out Amazon for Office Chairs For Bigger People. With any luck you might find what your looking for and at a reasonable price.


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