Broyhill Office Chairs – Should You Buy One?

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The 350 LB Broyhill Office Chairs

The Big And Tall Broyhill Office Chair is a beautiful looking brown leather chair featuring rich deep natural timber framing. But stunning looks aside, you’re left with we believe is a flawed chair which unfortunately won’t satisfy the needs of the bigger people. This very common flaw has been plaguing buyers over the year and doesn’t seem to be improving.

So if your looking to buy a Broyhill chair, perhaps you should read on and discover why you should think twice before you buy this chair. There are many 350 pound support chairs that do satisfy the majority of larger people. But this Broyhill chair continues to receive poor reviews from many dissatisfied consumers. Without trying to hammer down on this chair, we have reviewed it as what it is. The pro’s and also the cons.


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What We Like About This Broyhill Office Chair

  • Firstly and probably this chairs biggest attribute is the bonded leather material. The visual appearance from the mahogany/brown leather has a tinge of red through it, which we just love. It adds an extra rich layer to the appearance which we can’t flaw.
  • The leather holds up rather well. After years of average office use, the leather remains in tact with just slight fading in areas. But I’m not a huge fan of bonded leather, especially on Sofas.
  • Responsive customer support, when covered by warranty of course. So extended warranty is recommended on this chair. As they may to fix the problems as fast as possible when your under warranty.
  • Does Hold up to 350 LBS but with issues. (See below)

What May Make You Rethink Buying This Chair

  • The biggest and most common flaw with this chair is the cylinder failure. The majority of complaints that we have researched are related to the shoddy gas cylinder. It’s not un common for under a few weeks for the cylinder broke. Now the manufacturer is excellent at replacing the cylinders. But the problem remains in tact. Even with the replacement cylinder, the same problem reoccurs. So unless your normally have the height setting at the lowest point, I don’t think one may be happy with this chair. Constantly sinking from highest setting down to the lowest is not the ideal way to be working.
  • The price is rather high in my opinion. The Broyhill name is probably the reason for the excessive price charge. Unfortunately, in our opinion. This chair doe’s not live up to the Broyhill reputation with just too many flaws. For about the same price you can pick up a Boss CareSoftPlus Chair which is also 350 pound rated, but we think it’s a far superior chair.
  • The padded seat has been known to flatten out, making this chair fairly uncomfortable to use for extended periods. Comfort in an office chair is rather important for lower back or back pain/problems in general.
  • The arms can be wobbly due to mismatched screw holes. aligning the arms up correctly is near impossible without force. But it’s not impossible.
  • Bolts will need to be maintained. Re tighten them every week or second week to make sure the chair is not falling apart. Although this happens on many chairs, I do think it’s worth noting.

Overall Opinion On The Broyhill Office Chair


While the chair is targeted to the overweight office workers and is visually appealing. The lack in quality from the cylinder and parts in general make this chair not very attractive to us here. This chair is labelled ‘Broyhill’ but is not actually made by the company. Another manufacturer called New Innovations has bought the name rights. So in essence this chair is not a Broyhill chair and is not made in the U.S. This chair may serve a purpose to shorter people not needing the height adjustment, but overall there are many more 350 LBS office chairs that I believe offer much better support and quality for about the same price.

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