Simple Desk Exercises In The Office

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Exercise Equipment For The Office

Exercise Equipment For The Office

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Why should one exercise in the office?. Chances are you’re here to find ways to exercise or exercise equipment for the office. This is most likely due to insufficient time. Morning is a very hectic time of day, getting the kids ready for School, breakfast duties and getting your self ready to go to work just to mention a few.

Than once work and picking the kids up from after school care is finally over, chances are energy levels may be at a very low level. This is before, Dinner is taken care of, kids homework is done, planning the next day’s work etc. No wonder we are so tired at the end of the day to do exercises. Which is a fairly valid excuse if you ask me. However, us office workers need exercise with the amount of sitting at our desks we do each and every day. So what is the answer?

Find ways to exercise at the office while getting paid to do your work!. While some people may hide the fact they are doing small workouts at work, I believe honesty is the best policy. Be upfront with the Boss, tell them that work is still getting done on time, if not at a faster rate. While at the same time you happen to be doing a small workout to keep the energy levels flowing. Whichever route you may take, I congratulate you on taking the first steps to finding simple and effective exercises to do behind the desk in the office.

Simple Behind Desk Office Exercise

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands For The Office
A relatively quite and secretive method of working out in the office is by the way of resistance bands. One can even get these bands without having the need of a door attachment. Resistance bands are lightweight, small and easy to keep hidden from the Boss if need be. Store them in the drawer and no one will be any wiser.

While they are relatively small desk exercises, they are still great fat burning and muscle toning routines. Strap one in your hand and stretch it out as far as possible. Hold this position as long as you muscle will allow. Slowly give in and release the tension slightly. Alternate positions to tighten and strengthen the complete body. Including back, legs and even your hands. Which is great for us desk workers on a keyboard. A nice simple piece of exercise equipment for the office. Easy and quite with the benefit of gradually strengthening the muscles while still sitting behind a desk.

Resistance Office Chairs

The humble office chair transforms into a low impact workout. Some office chairs are available to buy with resistance bands built into the chair. This is a genius idea. As we spend a fair amount of our lives basically not moving in a chair for work purposes, we don’t get much exercise done when compared to a job such as a construction worker.

I don’t think there is anyone who works behind a desk that doesn’t suffer some sort of pain. Whether it’s back pain or cramped up leg muscles. Not to mention the common Carpal Tunnel. The resistance office chairs may be a great way to do a little extra exercising to potentially prevent serious damage to our bodies.

As the resistance bands are built into the office chair, one doesn’t even have to move to start the workout. However these days I think companies are becoming more aware of the dangers of siting behind a computer all day long with minimal exercise. However, some are not too impressed if you must stand up and leave the workstation. Which is why a resistance office chair is a good idea.


A Under Desk Exercise Bike… Kinda

The Pedaling System

under office desk exercises
Before you think I’m crazy and can actually fit a exercise bike under a office desk, take a look at these pedaling exercisers. A traditional recumbent exercise bike can take up large amounts of space. For many office workers, this kind of space is simply not available. Whats the answer then?

Pedals only bike that fits beautifully beneath many office desks. I think this is a super idea and I’m so grateful to the genius who invented them. It’s so easy to pull off a hr long bike exercise routine while at work. Without even leaving the desk.

The Pedal only exercise bikes are what you could expect from a traditional bike workout, but for your legs and lower half only. They offer various resistance levels as well for the more experienced bike riders. But as a beginner start easy, work your way up the levels. Fitness & Endurance are what you may achieve with these pedaling exercises.


Balance Ball & Or Balance Ball Office Chair

Balance Ball Chair For Office

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A balance ball, aka Yoga Ball is an awesome exercise method for the office. Both for stamina and building the abdominal muscles. Typically many office workers experience lower back pain from inferior office chairs. A balance ball may be a great alternative to the traditional office chair.

As the balance ball is a type of exercise, finding the right position for you to sit on when behind the desk computer may take some time. However, it’s all exercise and an improvement of doing nothing remotely close to exercising.

A balance ball can come stand alone, or more recently as a chair ball combo. The balance ball is built into the chair and used as a seat. Which Is great for office workers, however the stand alone ball offs greater flexibility and has more exercise potential.


A Treadmill Desk Exercise Machine

While the treadmill desk has been around a few years now, I don’t see it being a popular busy office accessory. However, I do think the treadmill desk such as the Exerpeutic 2000 Desk Treadmill are a great idea for the home office.

These treadmill office desks are designed for walking while working. Not for running, as this can be a bit too intense to do while using a laptop for example. While only walking, it’s still one great form of exercising in the office. It’s easy to do when on the phone, researching on the laptop and even conference calls.


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