Oversized Office Chairs For Larger Then Life People

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Oversized Office Chairs For Larger Then Life People
Boss 350 Lbs Capacity – Amazon.com

The Boss B990 Oversized Office Chair is just one of the many high quality computer chairs for heavier people. On this site you may find plenty of plus size office chairs to cater to specific needs and more importantly body weight.

But for starters lets have a look at the Boss B990 350 pound capacity chair and why I think it’s a highly sought after office chair. Then find out which office chair we believe is even better than the B990!. Yes it’s possible and we are happy to share with you the results.

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Big Person’s Over-sized Chair By Boss

Finding the right larger then normal office chair to suit your specific weight and size requirements can be a challenging experience. Whether your shopping in store or online, it’s hard to find a good reliable and strong chair that’s up to the task. Many manufacturers can claim to have office chairs for heavy people, but the reality is that many are simply NOT. A standard size chair may hold only 200 LBS and when claiming that it can handle more, the results may be quite simple…. A broken chair before you know it.

The Boss chair, conveniently named BOSS, we believe lives up to the weight capacity claims. Time and time again Boss has provided a tonne of overweight workers the peace of mind and comfort in a sturdy and reliable larger chair.

Is This Chair For Bigger People? How Wide Is Too Wide

This particular big chair from Boss is rated to hold 350 LBS. Although it’s not a huge chair that will be sort after by lets say obese people. It certainly will be a great choice chair for those seeking a 350 pound office chair. It’s a much wider chair than what you may be use to. The width measures in at 24 inches and I think that’s plenty of backside space for many bigger people.

The stand out feature for me is the strength. It’s built like a tank and seems like it could never die. This could possibly be the last office chair one could ever need. The reinforced metal frame is built for heavy duty usage which is supported by a very strong latch system. This allows more confidence when locking your chair into recliner or any position you feel you need. Which is a much better way to go about things compared to some other weak bar type set ups that make you nervous about reclining.

It’s not the most comfortable chair on the market, but for the price it does the job well. The 5 inch padded seat adds extra cushioning while the lumbar support is helpful for people suffering bad backs. The 3 inch heavy duty casters are ok, but I do recommend you try out the Miracle Casters as they are designed for heavy duty use.

Assembly of this oversized office chair seems to be the talking point. Many people have had a hard time putting it together, but once they finally do manage to assemble, complaints seem to be minimal. However, like myself some people breeze through the assembly stage. (Make sure you follow the assembly instructions which can be found on the Boss Website). So could be luck of the draw and remember to keep screws loose until chair is put together before tightening. This allows you to line up hole more efficiently. Overall I find this chair a good priced chair that many people will come to love. While others will not like it as much and therefor will continue on their search to probably a more expensive oversize chair.


The Boss B990 Vs B991 Office Chair Review

Boss B990 Vs B991 Office Chairs
Boss B991 – 350 Lbs Capacity

The following video is a review of the popular Boss B991 Double Plush Caressoft 350 lb capacity executive office chair. A small upgrade from the B990 could make amazing differences.

See first hand what it’s features are and what you can expect from your hard earned money before you buy either the B990 or the B991. The B991 is in my opinion the most popular computer chair for oversized office workers. It’s looks amazing, really comfortable and is very well priced. Compare the B990 with the B991 office chair and see the difference yourself. I’m thinking you will love the Boss B991.

Common Questions About The Big Man’s B991 Office Chair

  • Can The B991 Really Hold 350 Lbs? You betcha. This is a common question by us bigger guys, and understandably so. Apart from other people saying it can hold up to 350 pounds, the Boss website states it also has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. To me, this chair is a very well built office chair, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone under 350 Lbs.
  • Does Seat Lock Into Position? Yes the seat easily locks into position so you cannot use the rocking feature with the lock enabled.
  • How High Does The B991 Sit At It’s Lowest Position? From the top of the seat to the ground it’s about 19 inches.
  • View More B991 Frequently Asked Questions Here.

Boss B991 Office Chair Reviews

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Boss B991 Extra Wide Office Chair


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