500 LBS Capacity Office Chairs That Stand The Test Of TIme

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The best 500 Lbs Office Chairs
Hercules 500 Lb Capacity – Amazon.com

There are varying reasons as to why one needs a 500 LB Capacity Office Chair and these reasons can determine which chair is right for you. Some consumers may be looking for a strong and sturdy chair to last forever, others may be looking for a 500 pound chair to safeguard multiple people sitting on the chair at the same time (Kids/Partner on lap while your on the chair) and the majority of people searching for a heavy weight capacity chairs are overweight and looking for a chair to hold their required weight.

Any of the above possible reasons are completely normal and should not be undermined. Whether your overweight, wanting a loved one with you by the computer or simply wanting a real heavy duty chair, certain aspects must be met. We should all feel comfortable in any chair we sit in, whether it’s a kitchen dining table chair or a office chair.

Below you can see detailed reviews and descriptions of what I believe to be the best 500 LB Capacity Office Chairs.

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500 Pound Weight Capacity Office Chair

Flash Furniture Deliver

500 LB Capacity Office Chairs Hercules Edition
Flash Furniture have been producing some heavy duty and reliable office chairs for big people for quite some time now. The Hercules Series Big & Tall model we believe is one of their best chairs on the market. With a high weight capacity of 500 pounds you might expect to pay a hefty amount of coin. However, I find the price of the Hercules Edition to be rather reasonable. If you’re going to buy any 500 pound rated chair, then I would highly recommend you consider buying the Flash Furniture Hercules edition. Available in leather or fabric. Personally I prefer fabric for non stick purposes.


Hercules 500 Lbs Capacity Leather Office Chair


Not too many manufacturers produce such a high weight capacity office chair, so this makes the competition more fierce to get you to buy from them. So unless you have read a tonne of negative reviews about a certain chair, it’s usually pretty easy to tell if a computer chair that can hold 500 Lbs is actually worth you spending a few extra bucks on. Ideally we want to put up the extra cash for something quality that will last many times longer then a less quality product. I’ve learned the hard way that when it comes to buying a heavy chair for your office, cheaper is not always best.

The reason office chairs for heavy people cost a considerable amount more then standard chairs is pretty obvious on a quality chair. But not everyone knows this. I see plenty of people complain about the price of a chair that can hold up to 400 Lbs for example, saying “The price is outrageous” . But in reality, whats outrageous is the fact some people are happy to purchase new office chairs every 6-12 months.

After maybe 2 or 3 (BROKEN) chairs, by now you should have realized ‘YOU NEED A BETTER CHAIR!‘. But sadly many people have no idea a better alternative is available. Chairs that can actually withstand your body weight, plus ergonomically support and bring comfort to the long days in the office.  They do exist…All you have to do is find them….

So to make it even easier for folks searching for a 500 LB Office Chair, we here at Office Chairs For Heavy People have brought you a few of our top rated 500 LB capacity computer chairs. You can see our reviews, plus find even more reviews on each chair from our main website menu, or you can simply go over to 500 Pound Rated Office Chairs to get straight into the action. This list of 500 LB+ office chairs will be continually updated with new (approved) chairs, so you know what we think is the best office chair right now for someone weighing 500 pounds.



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