What Are The Best 400 Lbs Office Chairs?

400 Lbs Office Chair (180kg) is not only a requirement for overweight or heavy people, But are also exceptionally handy for your normal computer users. Especially on such occasions as when your kids are all over you while your trying to work in your office. Or even when the lovely wife decides she wants to sit on your lap and have a little bit of a chat or snuggle. Having this extra persons body weight can really cause stress on the infrastructure of the chair.

Many people forget that the standard office chair can only handle about 200 Lbs and are therefor SHOCKED when all of a sudden the home computer chair breaks beneath you and you both end up on the floor. Having a 400 pound office chair at home and office makes complete sense to me whether your overweight or not!.

In our office, the computer chairs that can handle up to 400 Lbs are the second most common chair behind the Big Mans 500 LB desk chair. Not because everyone is heavy and large, but because of the pure strength,durability and life span these office chairs for heavy people may offer. Below you can see a few of our favorite 400 Lbs weight capacity Office Chairs.

Recommended Mesh Office Chair With 400 Pound Weight Capacity

Office Star: Space Air Grid Executive Big and Tall Chair

The Best 400 Lbs Office Chairs
As a big man myself, the one thing I hate the most about extended sessions in an office chair is how my body over heats and I become a river of sweat. Even with the air con on!. Which brings me to one of my all time favorite office chairs. The 400 pound capacity Mesh chair by Office Star.

I find the backing is amazing at allowing air flow to circulate around the body and reducing body temperature. The thick padded seat is also a mesh material which allows less air flow, but still better then none.

The other highlights that make this chair a great buy are it’s user customization. Especially the arms. Fixed arms always annoy me and get in the way. But with this chair you can adjust the height to your needs and even adjust the width of the arms. Which is essential for a bigger guy. The lumbar support is spot on for me and can also be adjusted to suit your individual preferences. If I had my time again, I’d be buying this chair time and time again instead of wasting thousands on complete inferior and cheap office chairs.


Office Star Office Chair 400 Lbs


Perfect For The Big And Tall

Flash Furniture WL-715MG-BK-GG Hercules Series 400-Pound Big/Tall Black Fabric Office Chair with Extra Wide Seat

Big And Tall Flash Furniture Office ChairThis Flash Furniture release is a great choice for the Big And Tall persons looking for an office chair to hold a maximum weight of 400 Lbs. However if your under 5’5 I wouldn’t recommend this chair. Because even on the lowest setting your feet might not quite reach the ground. But is a good choice for the taller and bigger folks out there.Big And Tall Flash Furniture Office Chair

This chair is surprisingly well padded which brings the comfort level up a notch. The arm rests are optional also, so totally up to you if you like arm rests. The lumbar support works real well and helps reduce the not so nice aching back and tension which often occurs during long days in the office.

The best thing about this chair is its no wobble and extremely stable foundation. Even when you drop your pen or mouse and reach over while still sitting down to pick up the item. Normally being a larger guy I would never attempt this in a sub standard chair in fear of breaking or tipping the chair and looking like a complete fool. But I feel 100% safe in this chair.

The price for this heavy duty office chair I found to be quite reasonable considering the weight limit it can handle. The only thing I find that it’s missing is the more personal tension adjustment levers and the seat tilt back option. But for the price I can’t complain at all when comparing to some other high end heavy load computer chairs.

Hurcules Fabric 400 Lb Capacity

Flash Furniture 400 LB Computer Chairs


Flash Furniture Office Chairs 400 LBS!



24 Hour Big And Tall Office Chair

Heavy Duty 24 Hour Fabric Ergonomic Task Chair Blue Fabric/Black Frame/Chrome Base

I find the that big/overweight people whom work full time in the office tend to have a soft spot for this chair. As the title suggest, this computer chair is a 24 hour chair. Which means it is built to be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The heavy duty build of this chair allows up to 400 LBS 24/7. Which is perfect for business that work around the clock such as Hospitals, Fire Stations, Betting agencies-  your home office etc.

The foam padding is soft and surprisingly more comfortable then I expected from a heavy duty full time office chair. I especially like the 12 personalization adjustment levers that allows you to set up the chair ergonomically exactly how YOU like it. Just quickly here’s a few of the common levers on this seat:

  • Height – Up & down
  • Back support lever allows you to make the back fit tightly against your back or create a suitable spacing to how you like it
  • Lever to lean back in your seat
  • Lever to prevent you from falling forward when in rocking mode
  • Lever underneath the seat to adjust the seat height to suit short or tall people.

This chair is certified to a capacity of 400 Lb office chair and meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA safety standards. Overall I think this chair is worth spending the extra few bucks on. The comfort and leverage is reason alone, but more so the fact this chair may improve your posture and reduce sore backs, legs etc. To me this makes this chair a must have for busy offices. Think of this chair as the all-rounder which is also available in 3 colors.

Choose Your Color!

Heavy Duty 24 Hour Fabric Ergonomic Task Chair Blue Fabric/Black Frame/Chrome BaseHeavy Duty 24 Hour Fabric Ergonomic Task Chair Burgundy Fabric/Black Frame/Chrome BaseHeavy Duty 24 Hour Fabric Ergonomic Task Chair Charcoal Fabric/Black Frame/Chrome Base
















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  1. Maria Williams says:

    Where can I find a heavy capacity (400 lb) chair if I am only 5″ tall? I am desperate.

    • admin says:

      Hi Maria, As I’m 6 foot I asked one of my co-workers and She is 5’5″ and is between 350-400 pounds. The chair she uses daily and suggested was the Office Star Big and Tall Mesh Office Chair

      The reason is because it has lower arm rests compared to many big and tall chairs, so it’s well suited for her height and size. It’s a fantastic and durable office chair which has served her many years of daily usage. I too tend to like the mesh backing too, especially in the hotter months and the office air con doesn’t run like it should… So the added air flow to the body does wonders. Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by.

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