About Us

First of all, a big hello to everyone and thanks for stopping by!

I can’t tell you how many office chairs I’ve gone through over the years. Between me, my partner and fellow co-workers, I would estimate that at-least 50 chairs have fallen victim to our over-sized bodies. The thing is….We just accepted the fact that yes we are overweight or a little bit on the chunky side. But never once did we think outside the box and do a little research into a more weight appropriate chair.

Not due to laziness tho, more the fact we were embarrassed to go in store or even call a sales department asking for a chair that can hold our weight. No matter what I weigh I never like to actually tell someone how much I weigh. Silly I know but eventually it led us online. Boy are we glad we did. Because never before did we think one could get a comfortable and affordable office chair that can hold up to 500 LB capacity.

Our Purpose!

Myself and a fellow co-worker have decided that, no more shall us overweight office workers be limited to inferior standard office chairs. Enough chairs have been broken! So we decided to create this website to educate others seeking a plus size office chair. To help you find a chair adequate to YOUR weight limit so you can be more comfortable and work in a less stressful environment (not on edge as to whether a chair can hold your weight). We pride ourselves in bringing you the best heavy duty chairs, tested by ourselves and researching further consumer feedback. So you get the chair you NEED!.

About Me

My name is Barry (Bazza) and I work in a medium size design firm part time and spend the rest of my time working online from home. So you can see that I spend a lot of time in front of computers. Coming from a larger size family, naturally I started putting on the pounds also. After a couple years behind the desk, I started noticing an increasing  amount of back pain and discomfort. The bigger I got the more pain I experienced. I had no idea that the cause to such discomfort was residing from the terrible office chairs our firm splurged out on.

But I pushed through the pain as you do and never complained once. This is because I was too embarrassed to confront the SLIM executives about the problem. In fear of being insulted for being overweight and being told ‘there’s nothing wrong with the chair’ excuse. It wasn’t until after 3 or 4 broken chairs I decided to do something about it. I invested in a sturdy heavy duty chair with my own finances. The BEST thing I ever did! My life has never been the same. Before long other office workers were asking about my chair and where to get one.

Long story short, our office is now full of office chairs for heavy people thanks to one ‘fed up’ moment by myself. The firm listened to us employees and finally stopped being stingy. Provided a whole new range of different office chairs according to certain weight restrictions and we have never been happier workers.


Bazza: Founder of Office Chairs For Heavy People