Ordinary Office Chair?

The Ordinary Computer Chair Can ONLY Withstand A Maximum 200 LBS! Check Out The EXTRA-Ordinary Office Chairs Available From The Above Tabs To Suit Your Weight Capacity.

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250 Lb Office Chairs

The top 3 250Lb weight capacity office chairs reviewed. Perfect for the normal weight user and the slightly overweight office worker.

350 Lb Office Chairs

Reviews of the best office chairs that support 300 lbs to 250 lbs. From brands such as Aeron, Boss & Work Smart.

400 Lb Office Chairs

Big & Tall office chairs that support a weight limit of 400 pounds. Very sturdy heavy duty work chairs designed to handle tough work conditions.

500 Lb Office Chairs

Office chairs for the really big people. With a weight capacity rating of 450 lbs to 500 lbs, these chairs have the maximum heavy duty rating.

“ Since the person that will be using this chair weighs over 300lbs. it is very important to have the Big and Tall version of this chair with the higher weight limit. ” Amazon.com - Alera Ravino Series.